Release 5.3.024

Release 5.3.024

New Feature

o   Added 2 new derivations to Memo Records, Stock Units & Stock Units purchased

o   Added the Accumulate values into formula.

§  Use it for incremental growth

o   Added the EBITDA in Profit & Loss and stats and ratio report.

o   Employee schedule report – formatted corrected.

o   GL Code, Project Code, Ext Code and other labels are renamable from Preferences.

o   Re-ordering of Depreciation in Fixed asset record layout 


o   Removed the opening entry record option for all the accrued prepaid records and View only opening for the accrued prepaid in records.

Defects fixed     

o   Fixed the other debtor calculation.

o   Balance sheet report change for the PAYE/PAYG calculation duplicate in  consolidation

o   PAYE/PAYG correction in cashflow report in consolidation

o   Last letter record consolidation error with the last letter difference

o   Correcting the consolidation creation with the Case sensitive names

o   What if fixed the Balance sheet records not showing on Balance sheet report.

o   System record recalculation for what if, before running the what if reports.

o   Employee schedule corrections.