Consolidations: An error has occurred while creating/opening the forecast.

Consolidations: An error has occurred while creating/opening the forecast.


When trying to complete a consolidation, you are receiving the following error:

"An error has occured while creating/opening the forecast. If this is a consolidation, please check that all records are named correctly to avoid duplicate record names in the consolidations"


This is usually caused by records with the same name and a number in both forecasts that are different record types, e.g. Forecast 1 = Sales 1 - Separately Invoiced Income. Forecast 2 = Sales 1 - Income.

To resolve this, rename one of the records to something slightly different, e.g. Sales - 1.

While the consolidation will appear to complete, there will be no figures within the consolidation.

Alternative solution*:
Sometimes you may be able to complete a group of consolidations where one may not agree with the rest (e.g. you can consolidation 3 out of the 4 but when you try to consolidate all 4, you get the above error).

You may be able to try the work around below:
1. Consolidate the forecasts that work.
2. Once that has finished calculating, open the consolidation and click Options.

3. This will bring up your forecast selection screen. Select the next forecast you wish to consolidate.
4. Once it has loaded, close the consolidation and reopen.

*This is not a guaranteed process. You will need to ensure the first solution has been rectified.
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