Exception: Cannot get computer id

Exception: Cannot get computer id


When trying to open Forecast 5, you get the following error:


Cannot get computer id


Forecast 5 requires a computerid in order to license successfully. If the id cannot be read for any reason, the exception will occur.


Please try the following step until Forecast 5 can run without this exception occurring.

Step 1. Try to run Forecast 5 as Windows Administrator.

After the first step, please ensure you enlist your IT persons help as these next steps are more complicated. You will need administrative privileges to run the next steps.

Step 2. Run the "SystemId script" (attached below) in PowerShell to check that the WMI repository is Ok.

Step 3. Run "winmgmt /resetrepository" in command prompt to reset the repository. Reboot the computer. Open Forecast 5.

Step 4. Save the register.txt (attached below), rename from register.txt to register.bat and run the file. Reboot the computer. Open Forecast 5.

Step 5. The last resort would be to rebuild your windows WMI repository. See the link below for stepshttps://support.quest.com/vworkspace/kb/88861/how-to-repair-or-fully-rebuild-windows-wmi-repository 

Please contact Support@forecast5.com if you have any questions.