Export Consolidation as a forecast

Export Consolidation as a forecast

The purpose of this function is to take the consolidation and save it as a forecast. Then you can import this forecast and treat it like a normal budget/forecast.

The idea being if you have number of subsidiaries in your consolidation, you may find it time consuming to update all of them to get a new group position.

With the saved forecast from consolidation, you can do all the things you would at the base forecast level but on the group values.

Just as some examples

  1. Extend more years with the group totals only
  2. Enter actuals for the group, not individual forecast then reconsolidate
  3. What if the group.
  4. Run any reports.
  5. Access data through views into Excel, Graph and Power BI


  1. After importing you need to force a system record calculation by going to the Utilities tab and clicking System Record Recalc.
  2. “As % of records” are imported as values only as the relationships can not be determined enough to be certain.

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