Removing Prior Year Data When In Actuals

Removing Prior Year Data When In Actuals

  1. Run the balance sheet for the year BEFORE you want your actuals to begin and export to excel.
     Why? This will be used to update your opening balances.

  2. Export all the reports for the year you want the forecast to start for comparison.

  3. Reset to No Actuals - choose whether you want to keep the actuals as your budget or revert to original budget.
    Why?  When you remove the prior years, the number of actual months stay the same. Causing actuals where you don't want them.

  4. Initialise records by opening any record on the year you want to be your new start.
    Why? This will ensure the data is initialised and held in the forecast.

  5. Go to Extent/Amend and select Delete First Year Data.

  6. Once completed, check that the first year has been removed and that the data is still showing in the record you selected in step 3.

  7. Repeat steps 4, 5 & 6 until you have reached your desired start date.

  8. Go to Opening Balance Sheet Entry, click Export to Clipboard. Paste into Excel in front of your exported balance sheet from step 1.

  9. Copy the prior month only, e.g. Forecast starts in April 2021, Use March 2021, and align with the Opening Balance Sheet entry names.

  10. Copy to your clipboard and Import into the Opening Balance Sheet screen.

  11. Run and check the reports against your previous reports. You may be required to tidy up some figures.

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