Version Control: Unable to access Forecast 5 after update

Version Control: Unable to access Forecast 5 after update


After running the update, Forecast 5 begins to load, the error below flashes and it closes down:

"The Forecast 5 Client you are running has a newer version than the database you are connecting to.
Ensure that the db user you are connecting with has db_owner permissions to the database"


This is caused by the user who is running Forecast 5 has inadequate permissions to the database to complete the upgrade.


To resolve this, ensure that all users have db_owner rights to the database and sysadmin.

Note: this process needs to be done by someone who has administrative permissions.

1. Open SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) and connect to the Server\Instance where your Forecast 5 database is stored.

2. Under Security, expand the Logins. Right-click on the user trying to connect or use Built-In\Users and select properties

3. Go to User Mapping, select the Database and ensure db_owner has been ticked.

4. Go to Server Roles and select sysadmin.

5. Click Ok and you should now have adequate permissions to complete the upgrade of the database.

Alternatively, you can update the config file to use SA authentication which should allow the update to complete: See instructions here

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